How to get twitter oauth callback url returned to activity (on
Android) when it's a callback url starting with http - or
alternatively: how to register a callback url that doesn't start with

I want to use signpost/OAuth with Twitter in my native Android app so
that I have an activity handling the callback url (and user doesn't
need to enter the pin or the pin doesn't need to be screen scraped). I
found many posts with samples like:

Oauth Callback not found after allowing the app on Twitter.

and they all use a callback url that doesn't start with http. For

<data android:scheme="myapp" android:host="twitt"></data>
But how to register a callback url in the twitter app settings? I'm
always getting 'invalid url format' when submitting the app settings

I suppose, since I am in the browser already when the twitter site
calls the callback url, I cannot just use http as the scheme (I tried
to use and set http as the scheme and
as the host). At least in my test, I won't be redirected to the app
but remain in the browser and the callback url is opened in the
browser. (I also cleared the defaults of the browser app before.)

<data android:scheme="http" android:host=""></data>

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