I'm building an application that uses the search API to check for data
related to particular domains, and suddenly (within the last week or
so), I have started to experience a strange problem. Some of my
requests are coming back with a cURL error "Empty reply from server",
but only when I am searching for a specific set of domains (all of the
other domains work fine).

I wrote a small test script to try and track down the problem, and it
seems that the UserAgent I am setting with cURL seems to be causing
the problem (or part of the problem). If I change the UserAgent to
anything else, I get a normal response.

I remember reading in the documentation that Twitter expects a unique
UserAgent for the application, so that's what I did, but that seems to
be causing problems. This seems like it's likely some sort of
blacklist problem, but I can't figure out why it would work in this
manner (only blocking a small subset of my queries, and not IP-based).

Here are some sample queries I am trying to cURL:


The first two don't work unless I change my UserAgent to something
else, but the last one works no matter what.

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