Maybe this question is asked before but I was unable to find it in the
post history.

At the moment we are developing an application that needs to get the
timelines of many users in real time. The are many possibilities to
create this solution but I think twitters site stream API looks like
the perfect solution for our problem. We can setup one or maybe a few
connections that enables us to get this information much easier than
when using the user stream API.

I played around with it for the last couple of weeks and I very
enthusiastic about it to use in our current project. I wondering if it
is advisable to use twitters site stream API for production
applications because this is in BETA at this moment.

Is there some kind of road map available for the site stream API? It
will take at least a couple of months before we will release the first
version of the application so the BETA it's not a problem at this
moment but if there's no indication of when the BETA period will end
and the site streams will go into production is it than available to
use it our to still use the user stream as alternative.

I hope someone can help me with this?

Kind Regards,


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