Hi Twitter admins and developers,
I am developing a social media application which uses a follow stream
with track words. At about 21:00 on Dev 16 2010 (UTC), the tweet rate
rapidly dropped from about 2800 tweets per minute to about 700,
including none we are looking for. Since today (Dec 18th) at about
5:15 UTC, the rate is continuously rising again. This is weird because
nothing was changed and we lost the tweets of almost two days.
I am quite certain my software didn't have a problem because it worked
properly for quite some time, and I didn't change anything during this
Is it possible that the Twitter Stream API may behave this way? The
API status page does not report any problems, but maybe it does not
report this kind of problems because I did get Tweets, but not enough
and not the right ones seemingly.
It would be very good to hear something from Twitter admins or other
developers who had the same problem because my bosses are very angry
with me anyway right now. If it helps, I'll send more info by e-mail.
Thanks in advance and best regards, Frank

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