While running some tests on the search API I noticed a potential issue
with the search API's proximity handling when filtering by places. If
I specify a radius of 5 miles with a search term of "keg" and the
address of my office building, I would expect to retrieve a previous
tweet of mine:

Tweet in question:

The status update in question was created with an associated place_id
of my office, which properly maps to the right address.

The place in question (Skookum, Charlotte, NC):

Theoretically, I should be able to search within a one mile radius
with the address. In this case, the only way I'm able to retrieve my
tweet is to bump the radius up to 10 miles.  I've tested this issue
using both lat/lon coordinates with my application as well as using
your advanced search (search.twitter.com/advanced) with the full

Am I missing something here? Are you associating places to the overall
city and not the exact lat/lon marker of an address? When I view the
place directly, the marker placement is indicative of having the
proper lat/lon coordinates.

Let me know if you need any clarification or additional details.


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