I run a website called AthletesWhoTweet.com, recently my web site has
stopped pulling in the feeds from Twitter and I'm not sure why. My
guess is that my code is totally out of date, as I had been using it
for over two years.

Basically, what I had been doing was pulling down a list of the most
recent tweets from a group of Twitter users, in this case pro
athletes. I created a Twitter account and followed all of these
athletes whom i wanted to appear on my feed on my web site, and then
pull down attributes such as their tweet, their username, their
thumbnail, etc.

In addition, I would pull down individual tweets from a particular
athlete on a single page. As i mentioned, this recently stopped
working and I am pretty in the dark as it pertain to getting back up
and running.

I don't know enough about coding or the API to get this fixed so I was
hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to the code I
need to use. I would also be willing to pay someone to get this fixed
for me and of course have the non-functioning code on hand that just
recently stopped working.

Any help is appreciated!



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