My English not very good, good point of our domestic as long as
English people are highly paid in the enterprise, not our domestic
technology, had to learn other people's things, I recently had a
android and Twitter are interested in is the most trouble With
interest he can not drop, no way, I want to do an android version of
the client, OAuth finally get out for a few days, but now I want to
study protocol, and I saw a good understanding of some agreement, some
difficult to understand I've never played Twitter, I am a Chinese also
played copying Twitter site, the same as those of domestic and Twitter
and the Twitter website, or they are different, because they have to
meet the domestic habits of people, followed by my English is not Too
idealistic, by literally can not understand some things, I want to
know how to get a better understanding of the agreement? For example this I
understand, but it's optional parameters but I could not understand,
mainly the language barrier, who can help me to understand spoken or
examples trim_user And include_entities it? There public_timeline and
home_timeline difference.
Christmas Eve tonight, tomorrow is Christmas, and here I wish you all
a merry Christmas.
This is the first question me, oh I do not want left out. Ha ha

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