On Fri, 24 Dec 2010 18:53:12 +0100, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu>
> I'll be simple: you can't achieve this with the Twitter API.
> Maybe other APIs can help you, but I don't know one.
> Tom

There are some services that have indexed tweets for more than Twitter's
default of seven days. I don't recall the names, though.

> On 12/24/10 6:13 AM, Chris Bang wrote:
>> I’m developing a program to collect historical data or twits from
>> Twitter using Twitter search API and Twitter4J which means the program
>> is based on Java.
>> I selected Search API for my program among APIs by Twitter. However,
>> Twitter says that there is a limitation of 7days, although the limit
>> depends on topic. Is there any way to collect older or historical
>> Twitter data like 12 or 24 months old or without time constraint at
>> all? If anybody successfully retrieved old Twitter data, can you
>> please share the source code?

http://twitter.com/znmeb http://borasky-research.net

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