Our app, Social Snap was granted whitelisting status back in June,
2010.  This autumn, we added another host machine to the app, and
started trying to get its IP added to our original whitelisting.
After several months receiving no response to several on-line
communications, I located an e-mail address for the Twitter API
(a...@twitter.com), and sent the request via that channel, on 30
November of this year.

Since that date (nearly a month, as of today), we have received no
reply of any sort to these various requests.  Can someone explain if
the add-an-IP process is perhaps inherently much slower that the
original whitelisting request, or is there some other factor at work
here of which we are unaware?

The inability to whitelist our other IP address has now become a
significant impediment in the development and deployment of our
Twitter-based application, Social Snap (TM).


Len Shaefer
Software Development
Serengeti Communications

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