Can you use tricks to alter Android browser meta tag on Android
Emulator? such as reducing the redirect time to see performance

What is the main reason why Twitter can't use the same standard 302
redirect on the mobile browser?

On Jan 3, 11:18 pm, Bess <> wrote:
> Rusell,
> Can you share how you confirm the mobile version use meta tag instead
> of standard 302?
> Is this something you could test on web browser?
> On Dec 30 2010, 10:25 pm, Russell Davis <>
> wrote:
> > The regular oauth page does a standard 302 redirect which happens
> > immediately. For some reason, the mobile version instead uses a meta
> > tag to the redirect, and it specifies a delay of 10 seconds. I can't
> > be the only one who thinks this is a horrible user experience. Why the
> > delay? Is there any way to change it?
> > Thanks,
> > Russell

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