I´m trying to search places around Sao Paulo city IP address but I get
few results back, Sao Paulo it is a place with a lot of POIs and I
think I may be using the API wrongly or I want to know if Twitter didn
´t implement good coverage in Sao Paulo area. When I got to Twitter
web page and I search places using the web interface I get much more
results than what comes back from Twitter API, or I´m using it wrongly
or Twitter didn´timplement all POIs that are available in the API
results, can someone help me? I tried to changethe accuracy, tried to
ue lat and long, tried t use authenticated method, tried to use
different granularity and in al cases I get very bad list of results.
I apreciate te help of API developers. As I understood this API it is
based on GeoAPI acquisition that was the API used by Foursquare and
Gowalla in the begining of their developement so I would assume a much
btter list of POIs than the ones weare getting right now on the API.


Tks very much


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