It looks like your backend is using user agents to determine the type
of video to play.

When video plays in Safari, it sends out the Safari User Agent.
Something like:
Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; U; CPU OS 3_2_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/
531.21.10 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.4 Mobile/7B500 Safari/

Your backend is handling that just fine.

But when an app like Twitter uses the built in video player, you'll
get a user agent like this:
AppleCoreMedia/ (iPad; U; CPU OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X;

Your backed fails to recognize that this user agent is from an iPad.

Peter Boctor

On Jan 6, 3:46 pm, David <> wrote:
> I work in the Web Department at The Tonight Show (@jayleno). When we
> tweet a link to our video content, the video will load and play in a
> browser on iPad and iPhone. When we use the Twitter app, the page will
> load but the video will not. I'm trying to understand the difference
> between the default iOS browser and the browser (or pane) in the
> Twitter app. Any info or solutions to make our videos play through the
> Twitter app?

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