Thanks for the official Tweet Button - it's nice to have something
familiar and consistent for our users.

Our current implementation is to have a Tweet button on a mobile
website. Functionally it works great, but the Share Box (and login, if
necessary) don't work very well on a mobile device (iPhone, in
particular - I haven't tested in Android). The fixed width:

helps a little bit, but the form fields and labels are still quite
small since the device zooms out the page to fit everything in it.
This requires the user to zoom in to be able to see exactly what's
going on. And if I don't use the actual button and just open with a querystring, it's even worse b/c of the
iPhone's assumption that web pages are 960px wide.

My request is that the HTML/CSS of the Share Box login and post be
updated with CSS media queries (or a separate page) to accommodate the
smaller screen.


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