This is hard to believe. Streaming API is an approved API that should
not have any limit. It should give you everything without any limit.
On the other hand Search API has rate-limitation.

Did you use any filter?

On Jan 6, 9:42 pm, Brian Maso <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Using the Streaming API, I'm noticing about a 25% loss rate when
> tracking multiple hashtags vs. using the good old Search API. I'm
> fouind it hard to believe this is true, so I tested over and over, but
> I keep getting the same results. The Streaming API just seems to not
> provide a fair number of tweets.
> Note that I have the lowest rate limit with the Streaming API --
> perhaps highest rate limits have lower loss rates.
> Has anyone else noticed the rate loss Streaming vs. Search API? Or am
> I on crack?
> Does the loss rate get lower with the higher Streaming API account
> limits?
> Brian Maso

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