Streaming API is build by Twitter while Search API is build by Startup
Summize acquired by Twitter. Search API is rate-limited.

If you just use Twitter search feature, you may see everything. Using
Search API to display API returned results is limited by your
developer API.

Streaming API may not show everything b/c it is optimized on the
content based on its logarithm.

On Jan 9, 2:29 pm, Brian Maso <> wrote:
> What I did is opened up three separate normal browser tabs in Firefox,
> each using the Twitter search web interface to search for three
> different hashtags ("#ces", "ces11", and "nfl" -- examples of three
> tags that should have decent ongoing traffic).
> At the same time I have an application capturing tweets from the same
> three hashtags using the streaming API ("filter.json?
> q=#ces,#ces11,#nfl", with appropriate URL encoding).
> Irregardless of the amount of time, the streaming application captured
> about 25% fewer tweets. Detailed analysis of the tweet IDs captured by
> the browsers vs. those captured by the standalone application
> retrieving tweets via the streaming API verified that there were
> tweets delivered through the browsers that did not appear through the
> streaming API. There were no tweets delivered through the streaming
> API that did not also appear in the set of tweets delivewred through
> the browsers.
> I would love it if anyone else would try a similar experiment and
> report back results. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or maybe this is
> an anomaly, or maybe the streaming API just doesn't capture as much --
> impossible for me to say.
> I note that the streaming API documentation doesn't claim an intent to
> match accuracy with the search API (nor vice versa). At this point I'm
> thinking to get the greatest accuracy I should be collecting tweets
> from *both* APIs.
> Brian Maso
> On Jan 7, 5:08 pm, Bess <> wrote:
> > This is hard to believe. Streaming API is an approved API that should
> > not have any limit. It should give you everything without any limit.
> > On the other hand Search API has rate-limitation.
> > Did you use any filter?
> > On Jan 6, 9:42 pm, Brian Maso <> wrote:
> > > Hi All,
> > > Using the Streaming API, I'm noticing about a 25% loss rate when
> > > tracking multiple hashtags vs. using the good old Search API. I'm
> > > fouind it hard to believe this is true, so I tested over and over, but
> > > I keep getting the same results. The Streaming API just seems to not
> > > provide a fair number of tweets.
> > > Note that I have the lowest rate limit with the Streaming API --
> > > perhaps highest rate limits have lower loss rates.
> > > Has anyone else noticed the rate loss Streaming vs. Search API? Or am
> > > I on crack?
> > > Does the loss rate get lower with the higher Streaming API account
> > > limits?
> > > Brian Maso

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