Twitter Favorite Widget Sometimes Fails to load tweets.

Sample Output html is like this:

<div class="twtr-widget twtr-scroll" id="twtr-widget-1">
<div class="twtr-doc" style="width: 596px; ">

  <div class="twtr-hd"><h3>.NET</h3><h4>info</h4>

  <div class="twtr-bd">
    <div class="twtr-timeline" style="height: 100px;">
      <div class="twtr-tweets">
        <div class="twtr-reference-tweet"></div>
        <!-- tweets show here -->

  <div class="twtr-ft">
    <div><a target="_blank" href="http://twitter.com";><img alt=""
      <span><a target="_blank" class="twtr-join-conv"
style="color:#bc2200" href="http://twitter.com/isshiki/favorites";>Join
the conversation</a></span>


And widget.js fails like this:


error: this "decay()"  method is not supported in the object.


"Sometimes" means "not so often". Maybe, this fail/error is caused by
API rate limit (from the same IP address)? I don't know why this
happens. Is it a bug? If so, I would like Twitter to fix this problem.
I'm not in a hurry about this.

Masahiko Isshiki

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