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I had the same kind of issue, then I discovered Twitter Me API in
Java, adapted slightly to my use case (in fact I'm going to rewrite an
API based on this one) and did the authentication process entirely
programmatically. The results can be seen here: www.jemos.co.uk



On Jan 21, 8:37 am, Tom Hume <twh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a web application for iPhone, which will ultimately run within
> a PhoneGap application - but for now I'm running it in Safari.
> The application needs to access tweets from Twitter friends, including
> private tweets. So I've implemented OAuth using the Scribe library. I
> successfully bounce users to Twitter, have them authenticate, then
> bounce back.
> At this point the web app has oAuth credentials (key and token) which
> it persists locally. From here on I'd like it to user the Twitter
> statuses/user_timeline.json method to grab tweets for a particular
> user. I have the application using JSONP requests to do this with
> unprotected tweets successfully; when it accesses the timeline of a
> private Twitter feed, an HTTP basic authentication dialog appears in
> the app.
> I believe that I need to provide the OAuth credentials to Twitter, so
> that my web application can identify and authenticate itself. Twitter
> recommends doing so through the addition of an HTTP Authorization
> header, but as I'm using JSONP for the request I don't think this is
> an option for me. Am I right in assuming this?
> My options therefore appear to either be putting the oAuth credentials
> as query-string parameters (which Twitter recommends against, but
> documentation suggests still supports); or proxying all the Tweets
> through an intermediate server. I'd rather avoid the latter.
> I access the Twitter API using URLs of the form
> http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.json?user_id=29191439...
> When user_id is a public user, this works fine. When user_id is a
> private user, I get that HTTP Basic Auth dialog. Any idea what I'm
> doing wrong? I'm hoping it's something embarrassingly simple like
> "forgetting an important parameter"...

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