Hi guys,

It is a bit over an year since I've been running a small volume
Twitter based app deployed on Google App Engine.

Basically this app is using the search API to poll some results.
According to the app stats it is making less than 100 request/hour.

But since last weekend, it seems it is continuously getting a rate
limitation error and even if I backdown this doesn't change.

Unfortunately, switching to the streamapi is not possible as Google
App Engine does not allow long lived responses. So, my questions is:

1. how should I proceed?

2. is there any way I could whitelist this little app so it doesn't
get rate limited? (nb: I am aware that the search API doesn't have an
official whitelisting process)

3. considering I'm running on Google App Engine, I cannot provide an
IP, but I could definitely make sure to submit some whitelisted
headers (or something in this area).

While little, this app is quite essential for me. Please advise how
should I proceed.

Many thanks in advance,

:- alex

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