I'm beginning to get suspicious about the whitelisting program. We've
gone from it being relatively easy to get whitelisted, to it being
harder but at least Brian Sutorius or someone else apologized, to it
being much harder and Taylor saying they can't even reply with a
denial, to no response at all to whitelisting questions.

There is no excuse about being too busy that justifies this total lack
of response. It would be great if Brian Sutorius or Ryan Sarver made a
clear statement about whether there is still a whitelisting program at
all. I understand everyone can't be whitelisted, but can anyone be

I earn my living from the Twitter API. I want it to succeed. This is
not meant as an attack. It is a warning that hiding from this issue is
hurting the Twitter ecosystem. If there is no whitelisting, let us
know so we can construct apps that will always live within the default
limits. That is possible, but we must be able to warn clients about
this, otherwise we are lying to them. I don't know about Twitter HQ,
but I am old enough to know that lying doesn't work. It always catches
up with you. So please tell us the truth about this.

I doubt if any of the other API developers want to stick their necks
out, but if *anyone* has gotten whitelisted in the last few months, it
would be great to hear it.

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