With less than encouraging responses with regard to whitelisting, firehoses
and limits on search rates from the twitter development group, it becomes
increasingly clear that a cloud computing approach is required for avoiding
ip-address rate limits on Twitter search.

The obvious potential of Twitter search in terms of data is such a big
resource base  makes it very significant. My query for twitter dev here is
that, If a solution is designed for a single application to work in a
cloud-based-framework(i.e Multiple ip addresses) , can a guarantee be
provided that twitter will not block the app in future ? If traffic becomes
fairly high.

We here ebelieve that Twitter is a big resource for data. We would like to
utilise it and provide better services. Hoping to get a positive response to
my query which does not seem to violate any guidelines as of now.

Thanks In advance
Umashankar Das

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