Hi all!

I'm currently developing a C language application that provides full twitter
access to users from command line.
Everything goes fine except for error handling, as my users are not very
good english speakers...

Json Error structures are of the form:

        request: /1/users/show.json?screen_name=jfnsdjvnd
        error: Not found

And the errors I've captured so far are:

        Not found
        Status is a duplicate.
        Status is over 140 characters.
        You cannot send messages to users who are not following you.

My questions are:

- Literally searching for those texts in error responses, is reliable?
- Are they likely to change in the future without an announcement to this
- If so... How possible is to add an extra field that contains a numeric
error code that is reliable?

I think this may benefit not just me, but all multi-language application
implementers, by providing a simple way to tell one error from another...

Thanks for your attention, hope a nice discussion on the subject may start
on this thread.

Best regards,

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