Some Twitter applications (including my own) use to display content.


On 2/2/11 1:25 PM, Ken D. wrote:

While waiting for native support from Twitter, have you checked out
the Parrotfish plugin ( ) ?

Grooveshark is one of 160-plus OEmbed-compliant media partners
supported by the plugin. Tweets bearing supported URLs are marked in
the timeline and yes, you'll see Grooveshark content in your Twitter
right pane.

Don't know how many people are using it.


On Feb 1, 9:38 pm, Ashley Sarver<>  wrote:
The purpose of this is to find out a way to use twitter's oembed for links, and embed the media player of a specific
song when the link is posted. How long does requesting permission for
a media partnership take, and has anyone had problems requesting a
partnership? Has anyone atempted to use oembed on twitter, or began
working with oembed?

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