Tweetdeck uses the OAuth/Streaming API which is independent of your password. 
Are you suggesting that when you change your password it should invalidate your 
OAuth connections?

If so, then no, it does not do that.


On 2 Feb 2011, at 14:18, cazz wrote:

> I can hardly believe it's true but I discovered a rather strange
> issue....
> Once you've added a twitter account to Tweetdeck, you're allowed to
> tweet from that account via Tweetdeck. No surprises so far....
> But.... when you change your password in Twitter, there's no account/
> password check again in Tweetdeck. Which means that once you've
> changed your password in Twitter, you don't exclude other
> twitterclients from having acces to your Twitteraccount!!! I would
> expect every time posting a tweet there should be a credentials
> check....
> So this seems not very logical to me, or is it just me thinking this
> smells pretty much like a bug?
> See my tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/Cazz/status/32802305644433408
> Cheers,
> Cazz

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