It looks like the retweet_count value is invalid. Here is what I do
for 32 possible 2012 candidates:
1. Each hour I get all tweets from statuses/user_timeline. They each
fit within the 3,200 limit.
2. Collect the value of retweet_count for all tweets for each
3. Sum these values to get the total retweets of the candidate's
4. Compare this to the previous hour to see how many retweets they

The whole thing takes about 32 API calls, so its lightweight.

The total retweet count for @barackobama's tweets has been jumping
back and forth between 79,730 and 80,648 since 5:00pm ET. I have to
believe this is broken.

Now that I really understand the new RTs, I will be getting these
values myself from the streaming API, which I use anyway for these
accounts. I can keep my own counts and not max out at 100 RTs per

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