Trying to do an app that can send private messages to a user, these
messages could be sent at any time and would be triggered by real-time
events that require a notification to be sent to a registered user.

Tried using the direct_message/new api and whilst that does send the
message, it appears to of been sent by the user that recieves it
rather than sent from the application.

Example sequence used to get this:

Registered user 1

Registered user 2

User 2 registered an application

User 1 signed up to that application, application now has auth token,
secret, user_id and screen_name of user 1.

At a later point, the application sends a private message to user 1
using the direct_message/new api

The message is recieved by user 1, but appears to be sent from user 1
not from the application that user 2 registered.

How can I make it so that the message shows as from the application?
These are private messages so should only be visible to the recipient.

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