Yes, you can do this with epiTwitter (php) or twitter (ruby) gem, etc,
etc, to do that.  Once you develop the code via localhost, you then
set it up on the Internet with your code to authorize with twitter,
exchanging request tokens for access tokens, if you want different
users to use your program, saving their tokens to session variables or
a database for further calls.

You need to initialize your given library's oauth object with consumer
key, consumer secret, and access token and access secret.

Recently, for example, I was trying to figure out how to do a
localhost setup with ruby twitter_oauth, but I couldn't figure it
out.  But I did get it working with the "twitter" ruby gem instead.  I
guess I will just use that gem instead of "twitter_oauth" gem.


On Feb 3, 3:57 am, Ashim <> wrote:
> Dear All,
> I wish to try Oauth on Mediawiki. Now I have media wiki installed on
> my localhost. When I goto
> and register my app at my localhost it says invalid url.
> My question is : Can localhost apps be registered with Twitter on that
> page ? If not how do I test ?
> Many thanks!

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