I am Paresh, a final year student in computer engg. I am an absolute
newbie as far as twitter development is concerned though i am hugely
interested in working on it.

Currently, i am developing a toy application, where one could send
tweets, receive them and some other things. I am using
Services_Twitter pear package for that.

First of all, i don't know if this a good way to go about it. In what
other way can i communicate with twitter APIs??
So here is the piece of code that is creating problem


include_once 'Services/Twitter.php';

try {

  $service = new Services_Twitter('pareshnakhe','mahabharat');
        print("first call done\n");    //this is seen on screen
  $service->statuses->update('Coding with pear');

//but for this it is giving "ERROR: Basic authentication is not

} catch (Exception $e) {
  die('ERROR: ' . $e->getMessage());

Can anyone please tell me where am i going wrong??
Pear is working fine.

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