Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to fetch the maximum number of

>From http://dev.twitter.com/doc/get/statuses/user_timeline:

"This method is can only return up to 3200 statuses. If include_rts is
set only 3200 statuses, including retweets if they exist, can be

It seems logical that the 'count' parameter allows you to specify a
number of tweets to fetch, up to the maximum states (3200). Except,
the docs read:

"Specifies the number of records to retrieve. Must be less than or
equal to 200.

I'm wondering if that's a type and that the value must infact be less
than or equal to 3200 ?

Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I can't see a simple way to do a
first-time request, number of tweets available being unknown, and to
specify that you'd like to simply fetch as many as the API will allow.
Am I barking up the wrong tree here?


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