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Good points. I think the basic confusion is the definition of
developer. It could mean someone who builds a web or mobile app and
tries to monetize it. That would be limited. I think it also means all
the consultants and in-house programmers who integrate Twitter into
existing websites and businesses. As I started responding CNN ran a
big button on the screen telling people to try their Twitter
integration on their website. I think that was built by a developer,
not Twitter HQ.

My impression is that this is exactly the sort of thing @anywhere was designed to do - make it possible for a CNN or even the Original Coffee Brake to incorporate Twitter into their web site with a budget of, say, 8 hours of HTML editing time. ;-) I haven't kept up with how well @anywhere is fulfilling that promise, though. I ran it for a long time on my blog but shut it down because the trips to Twitter's servers were slowing down page loads. I should probably revisit that now that I'm starting to get traffic again.

Multiply that by every TV show, radio program,
newspaper, magazine, movie, real estate office, hospital, retailer,
you get the point. There are way more than 10,000 programmers who work
on websites and mobile apps around the world. They are all possible
Twitter developers, among other tasks they did.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in PDX, the skills that are in huge demand are HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and user interface design. We've got a small collection of people who "do stuff with Twitter", but you don't see help wanted ads for Twitter API coding - that's something people do in their "spare time". Most folks use Twitter the old-fashioned way - from the web app or from a client - or license a monitoring platform that talks to Twitter and Facebook.

Too big an idea?
Maybe, but with the right assistance from Twitter, there would be
enough developers that when a competitor comes along Twitter would
have a base that would make it hard to switch. That is what we offer

I think it would be harder for a competitor to get Twitter's millions of active subscribers than to get thousands of developers. ;-) I was just looking at the Alexa statistics - Twitter is in 9th place world-wide now.


Who's ahead of us? Twitter is just below the huge Chinese site Baidu.com. Neither Facebook nor Twitter is active in China, although I have seen accounts claiming to be from Guangzhou. Next up the ladder is Wikipedia. In short, it's been a long climb since March of 2006 to get there, and there's a lot of power above Twitter - Google/Youtube/Blogger, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Wikipedia and Baidu.com. Twitter is, as they say, running with the big dogs. And we're ahead of Aol. ;-)

I have an idea. Why doesn't Twitter hire a developer relations person?
Not a support person. Matt and Taylor do a good job of technical
support. I appreciate what they do. I mean someone who could run a
developer program. I haven't seen someone like that yet. Could some of
the $200 million pay that salary?

Maybe again I'm thinking small, but I have yet to run up against anything that Twitter did that seriously impacted me. Twitter's not like Microsoft, Android or Apple where you need a huge standardized SDK / MSDN-like library. The one thing I'd want as an independent developer would be some kind of keyword tools along the lines of what Google provides for webmasters. I can easily determine what people tweet about but I *can't* determine what they search for. Oh, yeah - a Streaming endpoint that delivers the overall tweets per minute every minute, so I can draw pretty graphs in real time like Carolyn Penner did on the Twitter blog.


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