Home Timeline => check it in the friends dictionary
Mention => match the tweet's text
Search => match the keywords

The rest is easy.


On 2/14/11 4:01 PM, Rich wrote:
Hi all

I'm just starting to play with the User Streams with the aim of
allowing it in addition to REST api.

I've had a stream open for most of the day looking at the received
data and most of it looks pretty straightforward.

When it comes to DM's, deletes, etc the message tells us that in the

The one thing I haven't noticed is how mentions are displayed.... for
example I receive a mention from someone I don't follow.  This only
appears on my Mentions API under REST and not my home timeline.

When I connect over User Streams it seems to just come in as any other
tweet.  My question is how do I determine that this is a mention that
shouldn't appear in my home timeline.

Do I have to keep track of the initial friends message and compare the
user id every time or is there something even simpler that I'm

Many thanks

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