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On 13 feb, 07:51, Martin Cronjé <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am busy writing an aggregator and I am looking at using the Twitter
> API to get URL counts.
> I seems that "public" developers are not allowed to use the URL
> counting API based on the Tweet Button FAQ. Which leaves me with not
> other option but to use the search API for URL counting. Using the
> search API makes not sense if there a Count API.
> This leaves me with the following questions
> 1. Will my application / I.P. get banned if I use the Count API?
> 2. Is there a way to request multiple URLs at once to limit round-
> trips?
> 3. The URL count API returns not threshold information. So if I am
> allowed to use it, should I manage the thresholds myself
> FAQ -
> URL Count API -
> Search API -
> My application aggregates URLs on a central server using a shared
> account so the request numbers may be quite high
> Martin

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