Could I ask the Twitter devs to cast some light on the Xml output from
friendsships show? Some of it is a little confusing or misleading I
thinnk.  Here's a real-world sample response I just received:

                <following type="boolean">true</following>
                <id type="integer">58770203</id>
                <followed_by type="boolean">true</followed_by>
                <following type="boolean">true</following>
                <blocking nil="true"/>
                <notifications_enabled nil="true"/>
                <can_dm type="boolean">true</can_dm>
                <want_retweets nil="true"/>
                <marked_spam nil="true"/>
                <id type="integer">19742345</id>
                <all_replies nil="true"/>
                <followed_by type="boolean">true</followed_by>

My confusion arises with the nodes which have a "nil" attribute. What
is this trying to say? For example, /relationship/source/blocking has
not valye, but a nil=true attribute. Is this source blocking the
target or not?

Some clarity would be much appreciated!

Tim Skipper

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