the callback url is created from you so just let twitter know where it
should go after 'accept'.

regarding the session: don't you use (secured) cookies or a sessionid
to get the session??

On 15 Feb., 13:49, manish verma <> wrote:
> I am using oauth, i need to know that while registering our web
> application,  callback url can be page that require login to reach?
> I need when user click one link in my web page ( this page can be
> navigated after providing login info)
> he should be asked for twiitter user name and password  and then
> return to same page(so that I can store the access token in DB). So if
> I give redirect URL of same page would it be able to reach here with
> current session?????  How can I test this on test server?
> Please help its urgent.

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