In http://dev.twitter.com/pages/streaming_api_methods#delimited, it says:
Statuses are represented by a length, in bytes, a newline, and the status 
text that is exactly length bytes. Note that “keep-alive” newlines may be 
inserted before each length.

I was thinking "newline" meant \n. But upon inspecting the stream, it looks 
like lines end with \r\n, which I would call carriage return newline. Is my 
terminology wrong, or do the docs need to be more precise?

Also, the "newlines may be inserted before each length" part. Does that mean 
a stream of messages would be

length\r\nstatus-text (first message)

\r\nlength\r\nstatus-text (second message)

Or is it:
length\r\nstatus-text\r\n (first message)

length\r\nstatus-text\r\n (second message)


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