Hi All,

New to the forum, apologies if I'm covering old ground. I've done a
search but can't find a definitive answer:

I'm trying to develop a simple page that will display the last 25 of
my twitter feed. All I want to display is each user's profile image
(thumbnail) and their tweet. While I am new to this, this seems like a
basic development task.

When I access my twitter's json file...


... I do indeed get the information I need - except the
user.profile_image_url is MY profile image?? So I have 25 tweets from
different users (correct) all displaying my profile image next to them
(incorrect). Why am I not getting each user's profile image?

I know I can check the user's profile image via

but as that is not the recommended solution due to rate limits what
should I do?

Thanks in advance,

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