Hello All -

I'll try to keep this brief - I'm sure the answer is simple but I just
don't get it...

I'm looking to build a simple API similar to Twitter's (I don't care
whether it's actually considered RESTful or not - I'm just calling it
that), but there is one thing that NO ONE explains: how the *actual*
folder structure works...



Let's say that's my URL to get user info for user ID '123'; does there
need to be a folder called 'api' with a folder called 'user' with a
folder for each and every user ID, each with its own index.php file in
it that returns that user's data? Surely not (especially when you're
Twitter with 100 million users and billions of tweets to deal with),
but how else could this work?

Thanks so much - sorry for the OT thread...

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