Sorry, my bad.

I was signing the request by using the url with query params included,
while the library I'm using expects url and params to be passed

On Feb 12, 8:19 pm, aitorciki <> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm using python-oauth2 to handle the authentication with the REST and
> user stream APIs. I'm using the same code to sign the request in both
> cases, and send the oauth credentials as authentication header.
> While everything works perfectly with REST requests, I'm getting 401
> responses with the user stream ones. The oauth related code is exactly
> the same, and token and consumers keys and secrets too. If I change to
> query parameters based oauth, then everything works correctly with the
> user stream API.
> Is there any limitation in how oauth data is to be sent to user stream
> API? I can't find any specific information on how authentication is no
> be handled with this endpoint. Should the headers approach work just
> like in the REST API case?
> Thanks!

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