Hi all,

Twitter4J is an unofficial, open-sourced, mavenized and Google App 
Engine/Android ready Java library for the Twitter API released under the Apache 
License 2.0.

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of Twitter4J version 2.2.0.
The core jar file has been slimmed down from 528KB to 270KB.
We also ship more slimmed version of jar files for Android platform which don't 
include json.org's library.

Please note that Twitter4J is an open-source project which is NOT sponsored or 
affiliated by Twitter.com.
For Twtter4J specific issues/questions, please use the Twitter4J mailing list 
(NOT twitter-development-talk).

- Download:

- Release Notes:

This release is also available at the Maven central repository.

Please refer the Support API matrix for supported methods.

Yusuke Yamamoto

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