Now that I've got OAuth with statuses/follow.json working, I've been working 
through building a small part of our app.

Part of the streaming API docs state that only one connection is allowed 
(reasonable). Upon making a second connection, the first no longer receives 
any data (not even anti-timeout newlines), nor does it get connected by the 
server. On my end of things, I've written an async client which can detect 
such a condition (it watches a shared Redis key looking for a changed state 
when it doesn't receive any data for a while), and automatically 

The streaming API docs also state that repeated reconnections, etc., are 
frowned upon and may result in banning.

My question is simple: how often can I reconnect to follow different 
people/keywords? Obviously ten times a second is well beyond reasonable and 
would probably get us banned in seconds. But isat most once every 5 minutes 
okay? At most once every minute? At what level would we be safe?

Thank you,
 - Josiah

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