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On Feb 25, 12:50 pm, Aurph <> wrote:
> hello,
> I'm new to the group but I have a problem I could do with some advice
> on.
> I've been adding Tweets to my site for some time using Ajax and a URL
> like:
> It's been behaving strangely recently, returning
> incorrect id_str values so the direct links to the tweets on
> are coming back as 404s.
> I suspect the URL I'm using is deprecated and perhaps this whole API
> but
> I'm not sure what the correct one is!
> I'm only using javascript so can't use PHP or that for authentication,
> it has to be a public feed
> of users recent tweets.
> I've read through the docs at
> but for the life of me I can't find the correct URL I should be using.
> Can anyone advise?
> Thanks.

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