Hi all, I tried to search the archives for an answer to this, but I'm still 
a bit unclear (please excuse my inexperience!). I'm working on an education 
tool that integrates with Twitter, and I want to allow users to create/track 
hashtags in near realtime (pretty much like tweetgrid.com). Specifically, a 
user would be able to enter a hashtag or search query and be presented with 
a streaming list of tweets. I'm assuming the search API would be best given 
the ad-hoc queries (my understanding of the streaming API is that I'd need 
to connect/disconnect for each update to my filter predicates). Given the 
search API rate limits by IP, it seems to make sense to push the queries to 
the client side so the rate-limits are based on the user's IP (I think like 
how it's done on tweetgrid). 

So my question is, in the case of conferences/lectures/etc where users are 
all on the same IP, what's the best way to deal with this? I imagine that 
I'll have the same problem as detailed here: 
correct? Is there some special way to avoid this?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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