Hi there

I'm trying to implement site streams, I've been white listed on the
account that my users are authenticated against and prior to this I
recieved an error saying 'User not in role'.

Well the good news is I don't get that anymore so I guess the
whitelisting is in effect.

I'm connecting using PHP and fsockopen and using oAuth.

If I specify my own username in the follow parameter I get a 401
unauthorised HTTP response.

If I take out the Content-length header I get an http 400 response
saying "45Must specify some followings to use sitestreams, e.g.

This is all over an HTTP post request.

Anyone got any ideas?

$postData = http_build_query($requestParams);

// Oauth tokens
$oauthHeader = $this->getOAuthHeader('POST', $url);

fwrite($this->conn, "POST " . $urlParts['path'] . " HTTP/1.1\n");
fwrite($this->conn, "Host: " . $urlParts['host'].':'.$port . "\n");
fwrite($this->conn, "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r
fwrite($this->conn, "Content-length: " . strlen($postData) . "\r\n");
fwrite($this->conn, $oauthHeader."\r\n");

fwrite($this->conn, 'User-Agent: ' . self::USER_AGENT . "\r\n");
fwrite($this->conn, "\r\n");
fwrite($this->conn, $postData . "\r\n");
fwrite($this->conn, "\r\n");

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