Today I noticed that Twitter urls containing the hashbang are
correctly counted by the Tweet button, but the same url without it are
not counted at all.


This url!/smashingmag/statuses/40319552151625728
is counted by the Tweet button as 100K+

is counted as 0.

In the first case, the url was added by the user using a bookmarklet,
and in the second the url was added via a user's twitter favorites rss

Here's what generates the tweet button:

<script class='twitter-share-js' src='
widgets.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
<a data-url='theUrl' data-text='theTweet' data-
related='myAppTwitterAcct' data-counturl='theUrlAgain' href='http://' class='twitter-share-button'>Tweet</a>


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