Hi all!

I'm implementing a twitter accessing application using the API, so far
so good.
However, I'm looking forward to distribute my application in non-
english speaking territories, so the users may be using any twitter
language other than english.

That doesn't represent a problem for the API access or the application
itself, except for the error handling. When my app was used only on
english accounts, errors were something like:
request: /1/direct_messages/new.json
error: You cannot send messages to users who are not following you.
But as I switched an account to spanish to start testing and the
response is as follows:
request: /1/direct_messages/new.json
error: No puedes enviar mensajes a usuarios que no te siguen.
So my app cannot rely anymore on those texts for error checking. Even
worse, I have observed messages in "spanglish" like this one:
request: /1/friendships/create.json
error: Could not follow user: Has sido bloqueado para seguir esta
cuenta a peticiĆ³n del usuario.
So.. I could add handling for those spanish texts as I ran into them
but, I think that is not a fine solution as I may be reaching soon
users with accounts in french, italian and even german.

Summing up, is there any solution for the multi language error strings
other than trying to fetch all error strings for every new language my
users set up?

Thanks a lot for your time, and I hope you can help me out with this.
Kind regards,

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