Out of interest, what did you get rejected by Apple for? Was it
anything to do with Twitter? Or was it all objectiveC stuff?

I too have a Twitter client waiting in the wings for submission. Not
long to go now.

I'm just going to launch it and see what happens.

if Twitter 'rejects'/disables it (considering they actually hold the
'keys' to whether the app is allowed to communicate - thanks oAuth)
then I'll be making a big fuss about it ;)

Good luck!

On Mar 11, 10:27 pm, howardk <howar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've just read the new Terms of Service referenced in the announcement
> "consistency and ecosystem opportunities". It's unclear to me if those
> terms apply to an app I've just finished. I've developed a very simple
> iPad app that allows the user to maintain a list of feeds and stream
> any of those timelines banner-wise across the screen on demand.
> It's useful if you want to quickly check the most recent tweets from a
> particular source and also serves as a vehicle to show off some
> interesting and creative use of 3D typography on the iPad to display
> the content. There's almost no interface: Tweet content is shown
> exactly as-is, with only the addition of a username to identify the
> feed and an elapsed-time-since-publication placard.
> I submitted this app to the app store in December and was rejected.
> I've rewritten the app in response to Apple concerns and am one (1)
> day away from resubmitting to the app store. I've got +/- five months
> of effort into this project and will be devastated if I'm disallowed
> from publishing at this late date.
> Who can I talk to re determining whether what I've done falls under
> the umbrella of applications that are now prohibited by the new ToS?
> Best,
> Howard Katz

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