You will have stored the tokens for those accounts that you control
and on behalf of which you want to send Tweets. You no longer need to
authenticate via Twitter, just be logged in to your own system.

You can use a form that includes a SELECT tag allowing the choice of
account to use when tweeting. Bear in mind that consistently tweeting
the same tweets from multiple accounts is probably not a very good

As an aside, re-reading the TOS, I wonder whether this pattern on a
public web site - whereby a user is enabled to send Tweets without
passing the "Connect with Twitter" step -  requires display of "the
end user's Twitter identity, including visible display of the end
user's avatar, Twitter user name, and the Twitter bird mark". (Rules

On Mar 16, 8:12 am, Laddi <> wrote:
> HI,
>  I have registered application on Now please
> tell how to send tweets from multiple accounts without having to
> login.
> Thanks
> satinder singh hundal

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