Is anyone else seeing this?

I'm getting a very odd type of follower. These are accounts that have
0 tweets, and yet are following thousands of people and being followed
back by large numbers. I understand follow spam when you have some
message to spread, but this is confusing. Is the goal to create
accounts with followers that can be sold? What can be the purpose?
Should Twitter add this to their spam follow detection? These accounts
have more than the 2,000 friends limit. Seem's like this type of
following with no tweets should be blocked, because it must "confuse"
users, and that is something Twitter doesn't want.

Also these accounts seem more human. They have pictures that are not
partially clothed "models", and they don't have the spam screen name
formula of a female first name followed by 4 digits. Could these
accounts be for actual humans who just want to read certain twitter
accounts, so they use following as a way of creating a reading list?

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