I have gone through the process of implementing oauth from scratch on
my website, but am unclear about one step in the process.

Acquiring a request token is not a problem and I am getting an
oauth_token and oauth_token_secret fine, no problems there. But after
this I am sending the user to Twitter to authorize after which Twitter
will redirect the user to my website, and I have lost control over the
user. Testing it on my own pc works fine and I can get read the
verifier from the url on the screen. Combined with the previously
acquird tokens I than receive back the screen_name and user_id + plus
the required token and secret.

The problem is that I do this in two steps, while reading an url from
my screen. Obviously when a user somehwhere else does this I cannot
read the verifier from the screen and continue the process.

I am missing something with the oauth_callback and how to use this. I
should get the oauth_verifier back in the first script which then
should continue with acquiring and storing the tokens, and it should
not be a two step process. How do I solve this?

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