Mention is under REST API Timeline API

You can implement Mention as long as you have the Objective-C Twitter
Library that support Mention. If not you would have to write your own
Objective-C implementation.

Returns the 20 most recent mentions (status containing @username) for
the authenticating user.The timeline returned is the equivalent of the
one seen when you view your mentions on method is can
only return up to 800 statuses. If include_rts is set only 800
statuses, including retweets if they exist, can be returned.This
method will not include retweets in the XML and JSON responses unless
the include_rts parameter is set.The RSS and Atom responses will
always include retweets as statuses prefixed with RT.

Supported formats
json, xml, rss, atom
Supported request methods
Requires Authentication

On Mar 20, 4:56 am, Jimbo <> wrote:
> Hi,
> How are 'mentions' of a user you're following implemented in the
> twitter iPhone app?
> Is this done with the Search API or is there an endpoint missing from
> the docs?
> Thanks,
> J.

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