I think it is a great idea. It's just another data visualization on
Twitter using 2D animation. I like Justin Bieber as an artist. He has
8M twitter followers.

On Mar 21, 6:37 am, Chase Armbrust <chase.armbr...@gmail.com> wrote:
> But would prefer to speak via direct email rather than in a forum.
> Basically, I would like to create an application that adds RPG
> elements (leveling up, accomplishments, avatar-personalization) to the
> twitter experience.
> An example, hopefully enough to form the idea in the readers head.
> User opens the app, fills out twitter info, and then sees an egg. With
> his/her first tweet a baby bird (sticking with twitter's theme) breaks
> free of the egg. After acquiring your first follower you are allowed
> to leave the nest. Later in game, if user is retweeted by justin
> bieber at some point while he/she is playing the game, his/her bird
> avatar can now be customized with justin bieber hair. If he/she gets x
> number of followers, her baby bird evolves into a more mature and
> cooler looking (customizable?) bird. Lots of possibilities.
> Hate justin bieber? I am not a fan either, but this app would target
> the largest audience possible.
> Please email at cwil...@umich.edu if you think you can help. Or if you
> can point me to someone who might be able to help i would also greatly
> appreciate it.
> Best
> - Chase

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